Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Meet Artist James Wilkinson

James' Studio

Ken Shaw 10.05.16
This is a short article to introduce James Wilkinson. James has not only been a fantastic portrait painter over the years Tateh has known him, but the Artist In Residence at the magnificent Hylands House, a Grade II neo-classical villa in the Essex countryside, and official artist for the famous rock festival, the V-Festival.
James works from his studio, a converted stables at Hylands House. You can see some of his fabulous work in this recent interior shot (the guy hiding under the bench is the late David Bowie). But James is much more than a terrific artist to Tateh. He has been her close friend and mentor to her art for several years.
You see more of James' work at his Saatchi Art site link:
You will see fabulous portraits of such stars as Noel Gallagher, Olly Mures, Keith Richards, Tom Jones, and many more...
Do check it out; James is very successful but he's not one to advertise himself too much, and I think he deserves a lot more recognition.
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