Thursday, 2 June 2016

What To Look For When Buying Art

The following is a short extract from an article in Huffpost Arts &Culture. Stephen Tanenbaum, President & Co-Founder of UGallery, wrote the piece. I have published the extract here because it seemed to chime with where I am with my art and what I really think matters when choosing art. I hope you enjoy the article and find it useful. As always if you have any comments, or articles you would like me to publish here, I would be pleased to read them. 

What to look for when choosing art:

Cohesive Style: As an artist evolves, they typically start to focus on a specific subject or technique. This creates repetition in their work, and repetition leads to more mature, refined work.

Originality: As an artist evolves, their work starts to be their own. They transition from mimicking others to creating unique art. Look for artists who have progressed to their own styles and themes.

Content: Select art that is original, intriguing and legible. Seek out pieces that stimulate your senses, tell stories, and lead to interesting discussions. Be careful with emotionally dark or violent art; it is often powerful at first, but it isn’t as versatile and you may get tired of it over time.

Emotional Connection: Great art leaves a lasting impression. Look for pieces that keep your attention even after you’ve stopped looking at them.

Artist’s Background: Avoid looking only for artists you have formal training (some of the best artists are self-taught!), but do look for signs of dedication and credibility. At UGallery, we believe art is primarily a learned skill. Well-prepared art takes an incredible amount of thought and technique, so look for artists that demonstrate a love and commitment to their practice.

Balance Between Process and Product: Look for balance between conceptual meaning and the finished piece. Great art must challenge the viewer and offer new perspectives. For the purpose of display and collecting, it must also be well constructed and ready to present.

Quality: Pay attention to the quality of the materials and whether a piece is well-finished. This also demonstrates the artist’s dedication and practice.

Happy art hunting!

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